Echo Shadow II Review

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The practice of euro nymphing has been rising in popularity over the past couple decades. Anglers have been adding specialized euro nymphing rods to their collection as it becomes more prominent. So for this Echo Shadow II review we’re going to take a look at one of Echo’s Euro Nymphing offerings.

Redington Predator Fly Rod

Echo Shadow II Background

Echo was started by champion competition angler Tim Rajeff in 2001. However Rajeff has been designing rods since 1980. 

The philosophy of the company seems to center around providing highly functional fly fishing rods and reels for a great price. They eschew luxury and excess in favor of a rock solid feature set that is affordable. 

The Echo II is the middle tier option compared to the Shadow X on the higher side and the Carbon XL below it. No matter which option you choose, Echo provides a robust feature set to a rod that comes at a very fair price point 

Echo Shadow II Specs:

Line Weight: 3 different models, 2 through 4 weight

Length: 10’ 2wt, 10′ 3wt,10’6″ 4wt 

Model Reviewed: 10’6″, 4 weight

Weight: 3.8 oz

Color(s): Black

Action: Medium

Manufactured: China

Echo Shadow II Euro Nymphing Rod Features

Redington Predator fly rod features

1. Medium action for sensitivity

2. Fast action tip

3. Strong Graphite Design

    4. Extended length

    5. Alignment dots

    6. Hook keeper

    Echo Shadow II Models

    Echo Shadow II 


    2 wt 10′

    Echo Shadow II 


    3 wt 10′

    Echo Shadow II 


    4 wt 10’6″

    Echo Shadow II Review – Our Take

    Euro nymphing rods bring on a unique need for a set of features that vary greatly from your typical trout rod. Because the practice involves tight lining within close quarters, the designs usually revolve around extended lengths and increased sensitivity. 

    Fast action is great for casting long distances, but with these rods, a medium action is better for sensitivity.


    The Shadow II boasts a matte black graphite design to provide a lightweight, yet balanced feel. The Echo website claims that the 4 weight model is 3.6oz, but my own scale shows the weight at 3.8oz. 

    At first glance the cork handle seemed to be a high grade with few blemishes. However on further inspection it appears that they apply some sort of coating that partially covers the blemishes. 

    The reel seat appears to be made of machined, anodized aluminum. One thing to note is that the uplocking reel seat only has a single screw lock mechanism.

    Normally I would prefer the double screw locks as the single one seem to come loose more often. While the pictures do show what looks like two screw locks, one of them is not threaded onto the screw so the mechanism is only a single screw lock.

    The 10’6” rod features 11 line guides. While most rods nowadays use a combination of stripping guides and snake guides further up the rod, the Shadow II features single foot guides for all line guides.

    I’m guessing that the single foot guides save them a bit of weight over the extra wrapping and epoxy needed for snake guides which have two contact points. That’s an understandable design choice. However, I would have liked to see one or two more guides to minimize the line slack.


    The Echo Shadow II may not feature the fanciest features like other rods, but honestly it performed very well in my experience. I had a very productive fishing day when testing the rod, so it’s hard to tell if my good luck is contributing to a bias, or if the rod really made a difference.

    The rod was well balanced and was extremely sensitive. I was able to effectively feel the contours of the stream bottom, the swiftness of the current, and the inevitable bites from fish. 

    Once hooked, the medium action was very helpful on a very tight stream that didn’t give a lot of room to run. I hooked multiple rainbows over 18” on the 4 weight and didn’t have any problem getting them to the net. Like I said, I had a REALLY good fishing day.


    While the Shadow II proved to be a solid choice on the water, one of the things lacking was in the aesthetic design. I do like the stonefly graphic on the reel seat. Beyond that, the rod is pretty much on a matte black blank with no frills or accents beyond the company logo. 

    But honestly, this is a rod that was built for value, so the lack of fancy designs and engraving may not be what you’re looking for. After all, laser engraving doesn’t help you catch fish.


    Where this rod really shines is the overall value. In order to provide a great price, they’ve made decisions on what to include, and what not to include in the design. Echo has chosen to build a rod that is strong, sensitive, and well balanced to provide a great euro nymphing experience.

    The features that they have decided not to include are things that many fly fishermen may not care about. This rod is made for the everyday angler who wants a rod that performs well for a good price without extra frills that drive the cost up.

    Echo Shadow II Review Pros and Cons



    √Very sensitive

    √Well balanced

    √Strong components

    √Great price

    ! Low grade cork handle

    ! Single screw lock

    Echo Shadow II Review – Ranking





    Simplified design without extra frills and low grade cork

    Solid graphite blank, anodized reet seat, would like second screw lock and one or two more line guides

    Well balanced and sensitive feel

    Great price point for the feature set

    6 / 10

    7 / 10

    7 / 10

    8 / 10

    Overall Ranking

    7 / 10

    Echo Shadow II Deals

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    Echo Shadow II Fly Rod Starter Pack

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