Moonshine Epiphany II Review

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Euro nymphing is a relatively new method of fishing that has gained popularity by being able to produce great results. So it’s not surprising that fly fishing manufacturers over the recent years have started to give us rod models dedicated to the technique. Moonshine Rods has completely redesigned their euro nymphing option, so with that in mind, here is our Moonshine Epiphany II review.

Redington Predator Fly Rod

Moonshine Epiphany II Background

The sport of fly fishing has been around for centuries. In fact, we now know that anglers in ancient Rome mimicked the drift of a dry fly on a river to catch fish. However the practice of Euro nymphing, developed in the 80s, is something relatively new.

Moonshine has popped up in the last decade as a newer manufacturer that has experienced some fast growth. The company seems to be a polarizing topic among fly fishing communities where some anglers sing the praises of the new upstart and others can’t stand them.

The Epiphany II, as the name suggests, is actually a redesigned second generation of their original Epiphany rod. While some of their earlier rods were heavier than usual, they’ve made some huge improvements to their signature Euro Nymph model.

Moonshine Epiphany II Specs:

Line Weight: 2 through 4 weight

Model Reviewed: 10’6”, 3 weight

Length: 10’, 10’4”, and 10’6”


Color(s): Matte Blackout with metallic copper accents

Pieces: 4

Action: Moderate Fast

Manufactured: Korea

Moonshine Epiphany II Features

Redington Predator fly rod features

1. Fighting Butt Handle

2. High Modulus Graphite blank

3. Alignment dots

4. Titanium Frame SiC Stripping Guide, Moved Up To the Butt Section (2wt & 3wt only), Reducing Line Sag

    5. Light Wire Single Foot Guides with Snake on the Tip Sections. 13 Total Guides

    6. AAAA Cork with Burled Ends

    7. Downlocking Tiger Eye Reelseat

    Moonshine Epiphany II Models

    Epiphany II

    2 wt 10’4″ Blackout

    Epiphany II

    3 wt 10’6″ Blackout

    Epiphany II

    4 wt 10′ Blackout

    Moonshine Epiphany II Review – Our Take

    The Epiphany fills a small yet powerful niche within your arsenal of fly rods. It’s designed specifically for high sticking nymphs through deep holes without the need for any sort of strike indicator.

    It’s built with sensitivity in mind to keep your lines tight so that you can feel even the slightest of takes. However the fighting butt end is a feature not usually found on 2, 3 and 4 weight rods. If you’re nymphing fast water and have a rig weighted down with lead and multiple nymphs, the rod has the power to turn over  the line and to fight the large fish that frequently surprise the euro nymphing angler.


    Moonshine started with their high modulus graphite made in Korea. The fact that their blanks are sourced overseas is actually one of the pieces of contention about the rod company in online forums, but honestly that confuses me since other respected companies like [REDACTED] do the same thing. But I digress….


    This high grade graphite enables them to produce a strong rod that weighs as little as possible. In fact, they shaved off an entire ounce from the previous Epiphany design. With smaller rods in the 2 to 4 weight line, the loss of a single ounce is game changing.

    The rod also features a downlocking tiger eye reel seat. It’s not anodized so you definitely want to keep this away from saltwater, but it’s pretty clear that this rod is meant for tight lining trout in freshwater. The extra length on the rod enables the angler to have a farther reach for high sticking across a hole. The 2 weight is 10’4”, the 3 weight is 10’6”, and for some inexplicable reason, the 4 weight is actually the shortest rod of the three at 10’. 

    Rod flash is reduced by the matte black finish. This is very useful when creeping up on spooky trout, however the metallic copper accents really do give a nice effect. Moonshine has great branding and design – you’ve got to give them that.

    The rod has 13 total line guides using a mixture of single foot and snake guides. By increasing  the number of guides, the design reduces slack which is extremely important when tight lining for fish. The whole technique is about ditching indicators and relying on feeling the subtle takes. 

    The rod features AAAA grade cork for a lighter, smoother feel to the rod. And honestly, euro rods are all about feel. Everything about this redesign is all about dialing in everything needed for euro nymphing.


    Since this rod is specifically made for euro nymphing, it’s kind of a one trick pony. But honestly it’s a really good pony. The rod is not meant for casting dries or streamers at extreme distances, the metal isn’t anodized for salt water, and the action isn’t meant to load the rod and shoot line.

    It’s meant to flip heavy rigs, it’s meant to feel even the slightest take, and it’s meant to be able to play a fish well on a lighter rig. It’s a well-tuned machine geared towards a specific purpose.

    If it were a golf club, it would be a pitching wedge. The type of tool you only pull out for very specific techniques. And I don’t mean that as a bad thing. Different tasks require different tools. And this is probably the best rod I’ve ever tried for euro nymphing.


    As always, the Moonshine aesthetic is well done. On this offering we get a midnight blackout base with metallic copper accents. The copper and black marbling on the reel seat is an especially nice touch.


    At the time of writing this review, the rod is currently in the $300 range. This occupies the lower to middle price range of fly rods. And for the performance that is provides, it’s a fairly substantial value.

    Because of the niche that this rod occupies, this probably isn’t going to be the first rod bought by most anglers. If you’re considering this rod, it probably means that you already have a few rods and you’re looking for a specific tool for the euro nymphing game. And let’s face it – if you’re already this far into fly fishing, $300 for one of the premier euro rods is a steal.

    Moonshine Epiphany II Review: Pros and Cons



    √Great Price

    √Great performance specifically for euro nymphing

    √Low weight, just strong design

    ! Not versatile – designed for a single specific purpose

    Moonshine Epiphany II Review – Ranking





    Not meant for casting long distance, but great at turning over heavy nymph rigs

    Incredible performance for euro nymphing, but little versatility

    The burnished metallic copper over matte black looks great

    Great value considering the price for a niche tool

    6.5 / 10

    7 / 10

    8 / 10

    8 / 10

    Overall Ranking

    7.375 / 10

    Moonshine Epiphany II Deals

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    Moonshine Product Listing

    Accessories: Reel and Fly Line

    Moonshine Creede Reel

    RIO Euro Nymph Fly Line

    Epiphany II Starter Pack

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