Redington ID Reel Review

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In this Redington ID Reel review we take a look at this unique reel. It comes at a very attractive price point, however the primary feature is the ability to customer the design which is something you don’t really see until you get to the really high end reels. Let’s dive in!

Redington ID Reel

The Redington ID Background

Redington is a company based in the Pacific Northwest that hs been cranking out some high quality fly fishing gear that won’t break the bank. And the Redington ID Reel i sbuilt for those who want to show their personality on the river.

While personalized graphics in the past were reserved for higher end fly reels, the Redington ID utilizes a design to that allows your to personalize your reel with peel and stick decals and not having to pay hundreds extra for laser engraved graphics.

While personalized graphics have long been only for those willing to spend a lot more, the Redington ID gives you the option in. amore affordable package.

Redington ID Specs:

Line Weight: Three models:

  • 3 | 4 weight
  • 5 | 6 weight
  • 7 | 8 | 9 weight

Model Reviewed: 7 | 8 | 9 weight

Arbor Size: 3.1”, 3.5″ and 3.9”

Weight: 5.7 oz, 6 oz, and 8.8 oz

Color(s): Black, OD Green

Drag System: Rulon disc drag

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Ross Animas Reel Review: Features

Redington ID reel features

1. Full frame backed design for personalized decals

2. Sturdy die-cast aluminum construction

3. Oversized drag adjustment knob

      4. Large arbor design for faster line retrieval

      5. Soft touch, twin molded, dual density handle

      6. Rulon disc drag 



      Ross Reels Animas Models

      Redingon ID Reel

      3 | 4 weight

      Redington ID front

      Redington ID Reel

      5 | 6 weight

      Redington Rise Small

      Redington ID Reel

      7 | 8 | 9 weight

      Redington Rise Small

      Redington ID Review: Our take

      We buy fishing gear for all sorts of reasons and all sorts of situations. Sometimes you’re on the lookout for specialized gear to target a specific species. Sometimes you’re looking for something that fits your budget. The Redington ID reel is all about expressing yourself.


      Even though this reel focus on specialization, it’s still a very functional reel. It’s made form a durable die-cast construction. Although to be honest, from looking at the reel in my hand, the smooth edges and tight tolerances could have fooled me into believing it was machined aluminum.

      It has an oversized drag knob which is always appreciated, and the large arbor not only allows for faster line retrieval, but provides more surface area to show your design. The solid piece of the frame accepts a wide range of decals that can be purchased from Redington and many other third party providers.


      The Redington ID is not the lightest of reels. Most modern reels feature ported designs with open frames that are aimed at limiting the amount of mass and getting the weight down. However the large, solid surface for the decal does add extra weight. 

      Is this ideal? No, but it will still catch fish. The arbor is also purposely lopsided so that more line is stacked on one side. While other reel models do this to counteract the weight of the drag system, the ID stacks the line on the same side which actually exacerbates the mismatch on balance.

      The reel itself performs well with a smooth clicking action, and a fairly powerful drag. I wouldn’t by any means classify this as a high end reel, but for the price it’s a good option that will get the job done. 

      Drag System

      This reel features a Rulon drag system which I think is a good choice considering the price point. Higher end reels use carbon or stainless steel as the elements in their disc drag. Rulon is a more cost-effective solution that still provides a good amount of resistance and stopping power for the money.

      The drag system is enclosed and sealed in a single piece like many other Redington reels which helps keep out the much and prolong the life of the reel.


      Ok, this is where the Redington ID reel shines. The primary feature of this reel is the ability to personalize it with any decal of your liking. These decals can be purchased through Redington, however there are many third party providers that also make a variety of stickers. 

      When purchasing a high end Abel reel, one of the things you are paying for is laser engraving of various graphics. One of the benefits of using a decal over laser engraving is that you can change the decals as you please.


      The Redington ID comes in at a very low price point. It could honestly be considered as a great entry level fly reel. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the higher end reels, but it’s still a very functional reel for not a lot of money. And the fact that it allows for a nice aesthetic is something that really differentiates it from other entry level reels.


      This affordable reel has everything you need to catch fish, but with the additional personalization to really let your style shine. It has just the right features to catch fish without your wallet taking a giant hit. 

      The Redington ID can be a great choice for a first fly reel, or it could be a nice additional to the angler who already has a reel collection. The commonality is that this is a reel for anybody who wants to a reel that shows some personality.

      Redington ID Pros and Cons


      √Large personalized decals show your style

      √Durable die cast design

      √Large arbor and oversized drag knob

      √Strong Rulon disc drag


      ! The lopsided line stacking making the reel slightly off balance


      Redington ID Reel Review: Ranking

      LooksThe primary feature of this reel is the ability to personalize and show your style8 / 10
      CompositionStrong di-cast construction6.5 / 10
      PerformanceStrong Rulon disc drag6 / 10
      ValueA very competant, yet stylish reel for the money7.5 / 10

      Looks – The primary feature of this reel is the ability to personalize and show your style8 / 10
      Composition – Strong die-cast construction6.5 / 10
      Performance – Strong Rulon disc drag6 / 10
      Value – A very competent, yet stylish reel for the money7.5 / 10

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      Overall Ranking

      7 / 10

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