Redington Run Review

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The Redington Run fly reel is a high performance reel that is ready for freshwater and saltwater alike. The sealed carbon disc drag, the lightweight design, and the affordable price make it a great choice for all angler. Let’s take a deeper look in our Redington Run review.

The Redington Run Background

Redington came to us in the early 90s from the Pacific Northwest and have been steadily providing solid fly fishing gear at prices that don’t require you to pawn your grandma’s jewelry. Although the company is based in the US, most of the manufacturing is done overseas – a fact which matters to some people, and not at all to others.

The Redington Run reel fits into the mid range of their reel offerings. The lightweight die cast construction enables the company to offer it at a bargain price. And that lightweight design coupled with the sealed carbon fiber disc drag make this thing a powerhouse.

The reel was built for both saltwater and freshwaterfishing and is offered in 3|4, 5|6, and 7|8 weight options.

Redington Run Specs:

Line Weight: Three models:

  • 3 | 4 weight
  • 5 | 6 weight
  • 7 | 8 weight

Model Reviewed: 7 | 8

Arbor Size: Large – 3.2”, 3.6”, and 4”

Weight: 4.4 oz, 4.8 oz, and 5.8 oz

Color(s): Black, Sand, Burgundy, Coyote

Drag System: Sealed carbon disc drag

Redington Run Reel Review: Features

1. Light weight Die cast construction

2. Sealed carbon fiber disc drag

3. Large arbor

    4. Large drag adjustment knob

    5. Soft touch, twin molded dual density handle


    Redington Run Reel Models

    3 | 4 Weight

    5 | 6 Weight

    7 | 8 Weight

    Redington Run Reel Review – Our take


    Most reels nowadays are made using either a CNC machined process or a die cast process. As a general rule of thumb, the machine reels benefit from higher tolerances and better quality aluminum, while the die cast process is more cost efficient. 

    What’s interesting with the Reding Run reel is that by porting the arbor they’ve managed to decrease the weight, but the nature of the design makes it impossible to manufacture with the CNC process. So this explains how the reel can have such a light weight while still coming in at a bargain price.

    The reel also features a sealed carbon disc drag that is ready for both freshwater and saltwater use. I like that the drag adjustment knob is fairly large. If I’m fighting a fish large enough that I need to adjust the drag, I want a large knob to make that process as quick and seamless as possible. 

    Also worth noting is the handy push button release. On some reels, the release button is a tiny lever that is hard to reach and not very intuitive.

    However the release on this reel is featured prominently in the center of the spool and is a single push button about the size of a fingertip.  Changing spools is very quick and easy with the Redington Run.


    For the purpose of this Redington Run review, we tested the 7|8 model. We used it on both a 7 weight and 8 weight streamer rods. When you start getting into the heavier weight rods, scaling down the weight becomes more and more important. 

    Tossing large streamers into oncoming wind for 8 hours is not for the faint of heart. The 7|8 model comes in at 5.8 oz which is lighter than most reels in the same price range. Heck, it’s even lighter than certain reels that cost 3 times as much. 

    I’d say that the weight, or lack thereof, is probably the best feature of this reel. Second to that is the sealed carbon fiber disc drag. A smooth drag with minute adjustment capability is crucial when dialing in the right amount of resistance that will keep tension on the fish, but won’t break the line with a slight turn of the knob.


    The reel features a Y shaped frame, and the arbor is ported with an array of aluminum beams at equal increments. The Model is also printed on the reel and the Redington logo is featured at the center of the adjustment knob. 

    While most companies usually only offer one or two color options, I think it’s nice that Redingon offers less traditional colors like Burgandy and Coyote in addition to Matte Black and Sand Grey.

    I think the overall design and aesthetic is nice. I’m not completely blown away like I am with some of the high end reels, but it’s still pleasing to the eye.


    Where this reel exceeds expectations is in the price. Like I said earlier, the more cost efficient manufacturing process is actually when enables the extremely light weight. 

    It’s lighter than many reels that cost double or triple the price. And the price is something that won’t devour your entire paycheck.


    I think this reel is a phenomenal option for anglers who are tossing heavy streamers on 7, 8, and 9 weight rigs who need the lightest reel possible, and a functional sealed disc drag. The reel doesn’t offer fancy engraved designs for trout enthusiasts with money to spare. This is the working man’s reel that offers real performance at a reasonable price.

    Redington Run Reel Pros and Cons


    √Extremely light weight

    √Large arbor

    √Affordable price

    √Sealed carbon fiber disc drag


    ! Simple aesthetic (if that matters to you)


    Redington Run Reel Review – Ranking

    LooksNot blown away, but still a nice design6.5 / 10
    CompositionLightweight design is the star here8 / 10
    PerformanceSmooth action on the disc drag7 / 10
    ValueGreat feature set for an affordable price7.5 / 10


    Overall Ranking

    7.25 / 10

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