Redington Sonic PRO Waders Review

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Part of what makes fishing fun beyond just catching fish, is being close to nature. There’s something about wading in the water, fish rising all around you, and being so close that makes the whole experience special. A good set of waders makes that experience possible, and today we’ll take a shot at a Redington SONIC-PRO waders review.

Redington Predator Fly Rod

Sonic Pro Waders Background

Redington has built a solid reputation for fly fishing products. Their fly rods and reel occupy the lower and mid level tiers as far as price, however the performance they provide punch well above their weight.

The SONIC-PRO waders occupy the third highest tier among their men’s wader offerings. They currently have 7 models with various features and price, and while the SONIC-PROs are not at the top, they occupy an upper mid level that offers a ton of functionality at a very reasonable price.

The waders get their name from the Ultrasonic welding process used in the manufacturing process. This gives them a strong seam that will protect from leaks and last longer than traditional processes.

Sonic Pro Waders Specs:

Gender: male

Boot: stockingfoot

Length: chestwaders

Pockets: 3 (not counting hand warmer “pocket”)

Color(s): Tan, brown, with red accents

Sizes: 13 sizes from Small to XXL 

Boot Sizes: US Men’s sizes 7 – 13

Chest Sizes: 35” – 53”

Waist Sizes: 28” – 46”

Inseam Sizes: 30” – 34”

Redington Sonic Pro Waders Features

Redington Predator fly rod features

1. 4-layer waterproof-breathable fabric

2. SonicWeld seams

3. Adjustable straps

    4. Fleece-lined hand warmer

    5. 3 separate pockets

    Sonic Pro Waders Models

    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 


    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 

    Medium Long

    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 

    Medium Short

    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 


    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 

    Large (12-13)

    Redinton Sonic Pro Waders 


    Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review – Our Take

    The way I think about waders is much different than fly rods or reels. While the difference between different rod and reel models can vary greatly, a good fisherman can still catch fish on the cheapest rod. The core functionality still exists.

    But waders are a whole different story altogether. The low end wader market is almost unusable because they seem to start leaking the first or second time you wear them. And once they start leaking, their basic functionality is completely gone.

    You might as well not be wearing waders at all. So when evaluating waders, durability and how they handle wear and tear is everything.


    The Redington Sonic-Pro waders feature a 100% nylon DWR coated fabric. It has an ultrasonic welded construction with double-taped backing and HD 4-layer waterproof fabric that is breathable, and offers increased durability.

    It comes with 3 separate pockets – one zipper pocket on the exterior and a flip out double pocket on the interior. One of the interior pockets seals with a zipper and the other uses velcro. 

    The waders also feature a fleece-lined hand warmer compartment. I’m not sure if I should call it a pocket or not. But honestly this is probably my favorite part of these waders. The hand warming pocket is crucial when fishing in cold weather and cold water.


    This is where the rubber meets the road. Or should I say nylon? One thing to look for on waders are where the seams are located.

    When waders leak, it’s usually in the crotch or on the knees. And the weakest points are on the seams. So logically speaking, if the seams are located in the most frequent leak locations, that’s not a good combo.

    The SONIC-PROs 4 layer fabric has seams that move diagonally across the mid and upper thigh regions and completely avoid the crotch and knee area. This alone should ensure a decent lifetime before they start leaking.

    In addition to the location of the seam, the quality of the seam is crucial as well. The ultrasonic design from which the waders get their name refers to the welding process that ensures a tight, waterproof seam that is sure to extend the life of the waders. 

    The neoprene stockings feature a two-tone design, and the overlapping cuff features a metal hook to attach to your wading boots.


    One of the key differences between low end and higher end waders is the exact same as the difference between low end and high end clothing. It’s usually the quality of materials and the quality of the cut.

    These waders have a great aesthetic and an even better fit. Redington offers 13 different models to give more options to fit every body. I would suggest spending some time on their sizing chart and some measuring tape if you are ordering these online. 

    The shoulder straps and belt feature a strong quick release clip and are fully adjustable. And the leg cuffs feature a hook that is meant to attach to your wading boots to keep them in place while wading.


    Right now these waders are in the neighborhood of $379, although please be sure to check the price below as this may change. From a price perspective, these occupy the mid range for waders. You could easily spend double or triple that amount on higher end waders.

    But for the money I think this is an incredible value. The quality of the components, the pockets, the hand warmer, and the close fit all come together to make this a power house of performance. So from a value perspective, this ranks very high.

    Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review: Pros and Cons



    √Lots of pocket storage

    √Rugged design

    √Fleece-lined hand warmer

    ! Lacking features of higher end waders like waterproof zipper, Gore-text fabric, etc., however for the money it’s still a great feature set

    Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review – Ranking




    Good material, great welded seams, good placement of seams

    Good looks, lots of fit options, good aesthetic

    Great feature set for the price

    7 / 10

    8 / 10

    8.5 / 10

    Overall Ranking

    7.8 / 10

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