Redington Zero Review

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It’s hard to believe that the Redington Zero is the entry level in their line of fly fishing reels.  This ultra-light reel is meant for small to medium sized trout rigs and provides a ton of functionality and value. Spoiler alert – I love this little reel. Let’s dive into our Redington Zero reel review.

The Redington Zero Background

Redington came to us in the early 90s from the Pacific Northwest and have been steadily providing solid fly fishing gear at prices that don’t require you to pawn your grandma’s jewelry. Although the company is based in the US, most of the manufacturing is done overseas – a fact which matters to some people, and not at all to others.

Their line of reels has something for every angler. The balance in reels has always been a tradeoff between weight and features.

With the Zero reel, they’ve created an intricate design not possible with a traditional CNC process. Instead they utilize a die cast process that allows for an extremely lightweight design as well as an affordable price.

Zero Specs:

Line Weight: Two models:

  • 2 | 3 weight
  • 4 | 5 weight

Model Reviewed: 2|3

Arbor Size: Large, 3″ for 2|3 wt and 3.3″ for 4|5 wt.

Weight: 2.7 oz for 2|3 wt, and 3 oz for 4|5 wt

Color(s): Burgundy, Avocado, Wolf Grey, Matte Black

Drag System: Spring loaded clicker drag

Redington Zero Reel Review: Features

1. Die cast construction

2. Large Arbor

3. Spring loaded clicker drag system

    4. Extremely light weight design

    5. Soft touch, twin molded dual density handle


    Redington Zero Reel Models

    2 | 3 Weight

    4 | 5 Weight

    Redington Zero Reel Review – Our take


    It’s clear that the primary objective when designing this reel was to achieve an extremely lightweight reel that is specialized for fishing small streams and ponds. Normally a CNC machined reel is perceived as superior because of the tight tolerances and the higher grade aluminum used in the process.

    But in this case, the unique design that eliminates bulk could only be achieved with a die casting process.

    Honestly this is probably one of only a few advantages die casting has over machined reels and this reel design fully utilizes that advantage. Not only does the design allow for an extremely light weight, but it’s almost a cheaper manufacturing process that makes the reel more affordable.

    Spec and Features

    The primary feature of this rod is the light weight. So it makes sense that the reel isn’t loaded down with excess features.  Instead of a typical disc drag system, it has a spring loaded clicker drag that was probably chosen specifically because it reduces weight and cost. 

    One of the downsides to the clicker drag system is that it is not adjustable. It does however provide a decent amount of resistance. 

    That’s primarily why I see this reel as something that’s meant for small and medium sized trout rigs. In those situations you’ll be stripping fish in and the standard setting is adequate if you do take the fish to the reel.  But for larger species you’ll definitely need something with adjustable drag.


    While the design is fairly simple, the reel looks good. It also comes in a variety of colors to fit your tatste – Burgundy, Avocado, Wolf Grey, and Matte Black.

    The reel also features an engraved Zero logo, and weight.


    For most reels, the feel comes down to smooth the line peels off and goes on the reel, and the weight. We’ve already established that this is an extremely light reel, but it also has a smooth action when pulling line off the reel.  The clicker drag system provides a little resistance and is not jerky when pulling line out.

    Personally, I plan on using this reel with a shorter 7’6″ or 8’ rod when fishing small mountain streams. This is a great tool for a lighter rig when hiking through wooded trails and casting in tight quarters.


    In addition to the lightweight design, the overall value is the second area where this reel exceeds expectations. Because of the die cast process, the cost is kept in a very affordable range. Whether you’re a new angler looking for a new reel, or an accomplished pro looking for a specialized rig for small stream fishing, this reel is for you.


    To be honest, this is a fairly simple reel, but the main feature is that it’s so lightweight, which makes sense. It’s a great value for what it is. I see the Redington Run as a great option for a specialized reel for smaller rigs and tight spaces.

    Redington Zero Reel Pros and Cons


    √Extremely light weight

    √Affordable price

    √Twin molded handle has a nice feel


    ! Clicker drag system is not adjustable


    Redington Zero Reel Review – Ranking





    Simple design, but aesthetically pleasing

    Die cast construction, click drag system that is not adjustable

    Lightweight design and feel make it a great small stream tool

    Die cast construction enables an affordable price and great value  

    6.5 / 10

    6 / 10

    7 / 10

    8 / 10

    Overall Ranking

    6.625 / 10

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